The Service Desk functions to solve problems quickly, and prevent incidents that may negatively affect your company as much as possible. We are committed to accelerating the processes of incident management to correct problems in the shortest time possible, thereby reducing company costs associated with lost revenue, resolution expenses, and resource time.

Our team of Service Desk professionals provide, among other things, the following:

Process automation and self-service for faster resolution and less personnel involvement requirements.
Highest end-user satisfaction at minimal cost.
Protection from human error that reduces IT costs associated with time and lost business.
Provides a single point of contact for all problem and incident reporting, source identifying, and resolution.
Optimize the IT and business processes so your company can be more dynamic.
Reduce service disruptions, speed up resotrations, quickly resolve problems, and decrease overall downtime.
Utilizing real-time data to make the most appropriate and Intelligent decisions possible.
Constant IT process innovation and improvement through automation and evaluation of tools, people, and methodologies.

Our Service Desk operates as the only point of contact required ((telephone, email, chat, and remote/web access) problem resolution in the least amount of time possible.

Whereas having to contact multiple support centers or groups of people can result in lack of overall awareness of your IT systems, as the single source for IT-related incidents, we are able to maintain operational continuity for your company, as well as provide for the well-being of your users, in order to promote better services that your business can provide to its customers.

Our Service Desk fulfillments:

  • Remote monitoring and alerting.
  • Full Incident Management from initial reporting through to resolution
  • Resolution Follow-ups on eventualities, causes, and effects.
  • User Requirement Management and fulfillment.
  • Establish metrics to anticipate incidents for the achievement of continuous improvement.
  • Generate timely, detailed, quality, and clear reports of relevant and useful information.
  • Meet and exceed all Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Provide verifiable evidence of improvement.

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