What is IT Outsourcing? Simple: It is utilizing the expertise from Managed Service Providers who can quickly provide direct infrastructure application support without affecting the business payroll. Moreover, outsourcing guarantees that the onsite expert will dedicate all of his time solely to the things that involve your business.

What are the main reasons today's businesses are choosing to Outsource?

While maintaining decreased payroll costs is still the main reason companies opt to outsource their IT, total business control over this subcontracting model is another primary motivation as well. It not only means reducing costs for qualified personnel, but also enables an efficient and nimble business model.

What are the true benefits of
Outsourcing for Businesses?

Cost Reductions

By subcontracting IT, companies eliminate the costs associated with hiring qualified employees, keeping them trained, providing health insurance, paying taxes, and contributing to their retirement. The savings that result by eliminating payroll costs for IT personnel is reason enough alone.
When a company maintains its own internal IT staff, often the staff cannot adequately stay up to date with new technologies, or even enhance their existing knowledge. The challenge in progressing their skills is costly and inconvenient, particularly when it gets in the way of completing regular business activities; and when there is a lack of expertise, problems cannot be solved quickly which represents wasted time, and loss of business. But by hiring an IT Outsourcing firm that ensures its employees maintain knowledge and expertise with the latest and greatest technologies, companies can focus more on their core business.

Focus on the core business

With IT Outsourcing, the provider handles all aspects of the teams of individuals that will develop and support the technology solutions for the company. This, in turn, frees up the company to ensure it can focus its full commitment on its business strategy so it can achieve better market values, and remain highly competitive.
The contracted provider of Outsourcing services will manage, integrate, and automate IT processes on behalf of the company, and shall remain as a joint partner for improvement suggestions, asset acquisitions, and lifecycle management; always with the dedicated intention of increasing the productivity of the employees so they can provide better and more efficient service to their customers.

Reducing risk and increasing ROI

The IT process improvements provided by a qualified team of outsourced experts, not only increases overall business efficiency, but can reduce risks as well. Risk is an integral component affecting every organization, and no matter if it's caused by market variations, industry competitiveness, government regulations, capital expenses, or technology investments; Risk is subject to constant change.
With our IT Outsourcing, we are able to assume responsibility for managing the risks, and striving to reduce them by working directly with the business executives whom we serve. By providing a considerable increase in overall efficiency, and significant reduction in risk exposure, IT Outsourcing can provide an immediate return on investment.

Specialized team of experts

The IT infrastructures of today's companies are unique mixes of varying equipment manufacturers, technology providers, and system developers, which requires a vast range of knowledge to manage on a day-to-day basis. As a result, it is almost impossible for a company's IT staff to provide expert-level service for everything they are supposed to manage. Moreover, as the breadth of technologies with a company's infrastructure increases, the knowledge deficiencies of the IT department increase as well. Companies are forced to either constantly train their IT staff, or hire new experts to offset deficiencies; but those expenses quickly become harder to justify, and companies can quickly conclude that maintaining their own IT teams may not be worth it.
By Outsourcing from a service provider with specialized technology experts, companies can benefit from all the advantages mentioned here, that include a team of expert who are fully trained, knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of Information Technology. By analyzing the IT situation from a single pane of glass and weighing all the factors involved for a company to maintain its IT infrastructure, IT Outsourcing alone may be sufficient for a company to remain competitive in their marketplace.

Complimenting the existing Culture

Company CIOs have a lot to consider before making any decision, but in choosing an IT Outsourced solution, the establishment of a trusted relationship with the provider is key. Quality IT Outsourcing providers serve to compliment a company's existing team, and become an integral component of the overall corporate culture.

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