La Norteñita

Grupo La Norteñita selected Madata as the implementation partner in an accompaniment from the pre-project phase to the support of its operations. Since the Group made the decision to implement SAP, it began with management level interviews to understand, define and limit expectations related to the implementation of the ERP, once the expectations were defined, the initial dimensioning of the potential modules to be implemented was made at the same time the staff was interviewed to select the people with the necessary qualities and skills to be the key users during the project. Additionally, the project sponsor was assisted with calculations of Total Cost of Ownership and comparisons between SAP Cloud Platform and On Premise schemes, as well as the preparation of the Request For Proposal and the support in the selection of the consultancy that would implement the solution.

Our experience with SAP allowed managing and anticipating risks, as well as being able to propose solutions always in the interest of our client. Currently, Madata provides functional support to La Norteñita of all its SAP operations, with which our client is sure that he not only has the knowledge of his full-time functional consultants, but also a whole team of Madata behind.

Nestor Baeza "One criterion of success in our implementation was to include Madata to monitor our interests and counterbalance the management of the project with the consultancy that SAP implemented"

Name of client
La Norteñita


Implementation of SAP S4 / HANA